4th of July Backyard Landscaping Ideas

With 4th of July just around the corner, is your garden ready to welcome the celebrated Independence Day? While flags will go up in several homes across the land, why don’t you do something a little different, a bit more dramatic? Let your garden reflect the glorious colors of the American flag. But it is not just a simple matter of planting a few red, white and blue flowers; you need to do something a little more thoughtful for your backyard landscaping ideas.

The Troublesome Blue

When it comes to flowers, red and white are pretty common colors, but blue? There is lavender, purple and pale blue flowers available, but the vibrant blue of the American flag is hard to find. There are a few options though, for example the Ageratum houstonianum. These fuzzy, annual flowers are a great choice for 4th of July decoration ideas. Blue Lobelia is also a good option for 4th of July landscape ideas; you could even look up Gentian Sage. As far as red and white options go, there are plenty, among them red Geraniums, Salvia and Snapdragons look good. For the whites, you can opt for white Alyssum, Petunia and Heliotrope.

Make it Annual

Since 4th of July is an annual event, you would want your garden design ideas to be annual as well. It would be terrible if you plant the right plants only to find that they are not in bloom when you want them. You should go for annual plants to ensure the timely bloom. Although no one will stop you from showing your patriotic colors all around the year, doing so around 4th of July would mean that the color scheme is by design, not coincidence. Annual flowers are cheaper and they can stay in bloom for a long time or can be made to stay in bloom for a shorter time. All these give the annuals a slight edge over shrubs and perennials for festive backyard landscaping ideas. There is of course no rule that you cannot use them.

The Right Design

Once you have acquired the desired colors, the question revolves around its arrangement. The easiest way is of course to create the American flag with the flowers. Although, it is a very obvious choice, it is pertinent to the occasion. You could also arrange them in concentric circles, the easiest design for beginners, or arrange them in a heart shape. However, once you plan to use these backyard landscaping ideas, you will find that the shorter plants are easier to work with. You can create that mosaic like effect that looks excellent. However, you can even use them in combination with the taller varieties for a different look. In that case, you need to make sure that the taller trees do not overshadow the petite ones.

You could employ a landscaping artist for the right look for the special day but you can very well do it yourself.

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