Add a Dash of Color to Your Home This Summer

Summers are all about colors. You see colors in fashion and in nature, and this inspires us to bring in some colors into the home as well. Somehow with the bright sun outside, the white, browns and beiges just do not seem to cut it. However, infusing color into your home needs some balance. You cannot go all out when introducing bright colors in the house. It can go very wrong, very fast. A good way to strike the right balance is to compensate a bright color with a neutral one. You can flip through the color trends of 2014 but the fact is home color is not like clothes fashion. A style might come into fashion for one season and recede into the background, when you paint the house it will stay for a long time so choose wisely. Here are some ways you can introduce some vibrant summer colors to your home.

The Sky and the Ground

Painting the floors of the ceiling with a vibrant color really transforms the look of a room. If you think you can pull it off, you can go for interesting patterns in vibrant colors. But remember, nature is the greatest artist, so if you maintain the natures scheme of hues, it creates a soothing ambience. The ceiling keeping in terms with the sky, should be lightest; the middle level, that is the trees or walls, should be darker and the ground or floor should be the darkest. This creates a wonderful symmetry. But that does not mean you cannot play around with the scheme a bit. Just make sure the shock effect is a pleasant one and something that you are able to live with.

Little Goes a Long Way

Color can be introduced in the most delicate of ways. To add a dash of shock to your kitchen you can add a bright blue sink while the living room colors can be refreshed with tangerine upholstery. You do not even need to change the bedroom wall colors, just add some interesting colored lighting options. These will help you take baby steps towards adding the summer touch without the risk of going overboard. Painting walls is a big investment in time so choose the colors wisely,  and it will pay off.

The Feel of Color

When you hear the words warm and cool colors you might wonder why they are so named. But the moment you are trapped in a room that is bright red or bright blue, you will know why. There is a connection with colors and the way they affect you. You will find that even if you love orange, you cannot stay in a room that is orange from ceiling to floor, without a headache! It is always good to keep the living spaces warm and inviting and the bedroom space cool and comforting. Of course, some accents from the opposite group, does add panache.

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