All Benefits You can Get from Temporary Flooring

Temporary Flooring With Glass Dining Table

Temporary flooring is a kind of flooring that you can consider once you’re not sure what kind of flooring you want to lay in your room whether it’s bedroom, living room or some other rooms. It’s good flooring that will be good for you once you want to replace your existing flooring soon, though you don’t know exactly in what kind of flooring you’ll replace it. When it comes to such condition, then the temporary flooring is the best option for you. One of the good temporary floors is wood plank floor. Such kind of floors are sometimes used as temporary floors because they are quick to lay and easily to take them back up later without leaving any glue or nail holes behind, beside it also an inexpensive choice.

Another good thing that you’ll get from those temporary flooring is that it’s very easy to be applied so that you can even do it by yourself. Before doing such kind of DIY installing project, first you need to prepare pry bar, hammer, plastic underlayment, tape measure, razor knife, and some more other tools. After you have prepared all of those things, then just follow these instructions carefully. Take off the floor trim all around the perimeter of the room by using a pry bar and hammer. Ensure to keep it intact as you remove it. Then, roll a piece of plastic out on the floor alongside the wall where you want to start the installation. Use a razor knife to cut the plastic to size.

Then, next to the starting wall, consider laying a floating floor board at one end of the floor. Consider also put plastic shims between the board and the walls, so that both of them are separated for some inches and then install the floors. Well, those are the way how to install temporary flooring. It’s easy, isn’t right?

Gallery of All Benefits You can Get from Temporary Flooring

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