Apartment with an Attractive Courtyard in Paris


This amazing apartment is located in a building whose history began long, long ago – almost three centuries! And quite surprisingly,  the ancient building on Place de la Madeleine in Paris, has one interior jewel product of modern thought and modern technologies.

An apartment with an area of 140 square meters, divided on 2 levels, is the modern successor to the 12 tiny maid room, and the author of the full transformation is , governor of French interior studio Ateliers Michael Herrman.

Fascinated by the location of the building, almost in the heart of the French capital, he takes on the challenge to create a functional and modern living space for himself and his family.

The apartment occupies the part of the last two floors of the building, which gives the unique advantage that it has a tiny patio, along with beautiful city views. The apartment comprises a spacious living area and 3 bedrooms with private bathrooms.

To preserve the character of the 200-year-old building, the concept of the designer is based on almost archaeological accuracy in the interior – on display out the original look of the limestone walls and old oak beams have been restored as far as possible, or replaced with new.

Desire to penetrate the flat natural sunlight leads to the original idea – part of the ceiling, floor, respectively, the upper level is filled with transparent plates of tempered glass. This makes it possible to maintain the sense of openness of the premises, as well as being visually associated with each other.

The small courtyard surrounded by 7-foot high walls, one of which is decorated with a vertical garden is furnished so that it looks like part of the interior space.

Against the background of “green living wallpaper”, which rises through two levels of apartments in this room, are outdoor antique marble fireplace, elegant table, chairs and wrought iron chandelier.

Let’s walk together at least for a while – somewhere in the heart of Paris!

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