Bat House Design


The Estres Estudio has created a very attractive, yet communicative, mini home that is completely covered with white color palette. What makes it interesting is because this mini white house is hung at a branch of a tree with the leather straps as the supporter for hanging the mini white house. Yes, the house is hung upside down just like a bat when sleeping.  This mini house is a bat house which is designed for bat’s living place. But there is only one problem that is little bit bothering, since this bat house is applied upside down (the bottom part above and the top part under), how do the bats go inside it? It is a fact that bats sleep with hanging themselves, but if they enter this mini bat house, they will go inside normally, not upside down, so it will be a big question for me.

Bat House Examples

But I have to admit that the overall idea of this small white bat house design is really fresh, yet creative.  The function is also as important as the style and since the house is aimed for bats to live, those bats will find difficulty to hang themselves inside this white bat house. That is the tmain problem in this bat house design whether the house is relevant or not to the subject that we aim. The look of the house itself is really simple. With taking the shape of regular house, and with an image of bat on one of its wall surface, and completely covered well with elegant white, this bat house is really worthy to be purchased especially for you the bat or animal lovers.  Always remember to put the function little bit above the style.

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