Big Ideas for Decorating a Small Kitchen

Even in small spaces, we can create a complete and functional kitchen. We’ll give you some ideas for decorating small kitchens that will handle the task.

Use of Space

A well-planned distribution will allow you to maximize the space. There is a style appropriate to each type of kitchen layout. If the room is square or rectangular, an L distribution is ideal. The linear layout is perfect for narrow kitchens. If you want convenience, then the distribution in U, is the most appropriate. You must take into account space and its dimensions to choose the distribution and amount of items you can include in your small kitchen.

The Cabinets

You must calculate the cabinet space you need to store all the objects in the kitchen. A family of four requires a minimum of five linear feet of cabinets, distributed wall modules and base units. You can earn some extra space by affixing cabinets to the ceiling or by installing columns.

Equipment Cabinets

The equipment cabinet is essential to maximize capacity. If you have a well equipped cabinet with internal removable baskets, revolving shelves, containers , etc., that hold everything out of site you will be well served.  Also it should provide more access to the counter and increase the space available for storage.

Create a Pantry

If space permits pantries are the most practical to keep food in small kitchens. In a free wall, you can mount a front floor to ceiling cabinet for use as cupboard. In case you do not possess enough space, a column or a display cabinet will also work.

Use Voids

The corners, spaces between columns, and space under stairs can all be used to install any furniture or as a side unit. They can also be used as janitor’s closets to hold cleaning tools. To go this route just install an MDF structure with doors and shelves that fit our needs.

A Small Island

If your kitchen has an empty central area, you can install an island to create a workspace that allows you a more comfortable use of the kitchen. You do not need a large island.  Often a small one will do.  If you have space often a small desk can be added as well.

Also a Peninsula

The peninsula is a multi functional decorative element that can serve various functions. Let’s take advantage of the back of the island space since it rests against the wall and add a work surface. It allows you to install a breakfast bar and divide the spaces in the dining kitchen.

Angular Cabinets

Often the corners of small kitchens are wasted. To optimize the space you can use angular cabinets. You can equip them with rotating baskets, pull-out shelves or retractable doors for better use of space.

Integrated Cabinets

A cabinet for storing small appliances allow you to clear the work surface. You can also embed some appliances like refrigerators, or microwave ovens in cupboards.  This allows you to take advantage of the space around them.

A Bar or Office

If you need to install an office in your kitchen, you can place a cantilevered bar in one of the free walls and accompany with stools to use as a breakfast bar while not in use as an office. You can also make it folding and fold against the wall when not needed.

Removable Surfaces

When space is scarce, a solution may be to install removable tables that are hidden under the counter or floor cabinets. You can install one or more surfaces that serve as a table  which remain hidden when not in use and does not subtract from your available space.

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