Can You Paint a Bathtub?

Paint A Wall Red Bathtub Design

The short answer is “surely, yes you can.” But the case is more than this, the more complicated question than can you paint a bathtub is how to paint a bathtub. The second one will need a few more answers.  As long as you know the answer of the second question, the first question won’t be ask again.

So, can you paint a bathtub? Actually, it’s impossible for you to be able to paint a bathtub if you don’t know hot to do it. Here, I’ll brief some important things you should know before having a painting project for your bathtub. Generally, there are three main types of paint to repaint a bathtub, they are roll-on, spray-on, and spa. Each of them has their own specific benefits, roll-on bathtub paint is the most cost effective, spray-on is faster than the two other types, and spa paint can withstand the higher heat. The durability of the repaint bathtub is less durable than the original bathtub, it’s true for either repainting by yourself or doing by professional.  So, don’t use an abrassive cleaner since it can scratch the paint. During the process, your bathtub can’t be used for about 48 hours to even almost two weeks. It it because you’ll take a long time to clean it, sand it, prime it, paint it and wait until the paint is cure, and the process will depend on the product you used.

Another question should be ask is in what colour can you paint a bathtub? Commonly, the colours for a bathtub are white, off-white, gray, black and blue. Although, you still can paint your bathtub as your desire to colour it in your favorite colour. Don’t worry about the cost, because repainting a bathtub is extremely less expensive than purchasing a new bathtub.

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