Ceramic Tile That Looks like Wood

At first glance I was sure that my eyes saw the real wooden materials. These ceramic tiles that are applied on the wall seem like real wood. You might be wondering why people use something that imitates wood while they can use the real one instead of the imitation. This phenomenon happens because many designers nowadays think that wooden materials are not really good in the terms of durability so they search for another alternative but also still want to keep the luxurious appearance of wood. These ceramics tile that look like wood are available in various convincing textures & colors. It is Mirage, the company that manufactures these ceramics tiles.

Wood Looking Ceramic Tile Design

What are the advantages of the ceramic tiles? Like I have said above, of course these ceramic will stay longer than the real wood material. They are resistant to moisture, heat or water, it is very different if compared to the wooden things. The next advantage is that you really do not need to worry if the ceramic tiles look imitative, because I can guarantee you, unless you look really carefully, you will not realize that they are just ceramic tiles that look like wood. From an economical perspective, using these ceramic tiles also can be a valuable investment, since you do not need to change the ceramic in a long time (just in contrary with wooden materials).

But for those who really worship anything which is genuine, choosing the real wooden materials of course also a good thing, because however, the genuine one is always better from the imitation. With the careful estimation, you can freely choose whether you will go with the real wooden materials or the ceramic tiles that look like the real wood. Good luck for you!

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