Ceramic vs Porcelain Tile

Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tile Unique Desk

Flooring is surely one of the most essential parts of a house. Yes, if there are walls, then after that flooring and roofing. So, if you are trying to boost up the appearance of your house, it will be easier to get the entire flooring changed with the fresher as well as newer one. So, if you are now thinking to change your current flooring, then what new flooring you should choose? There are lots of flooring options which you can go with. But among those flooring options are these two types which are ceramic and porcelain tile. These two types are lovely, hard, resistant, durable and also cheaper if compared to real wood flooring. Maybe for those who are not aware enough will find difficulty in distinguishing these two tile types, since both of them resemble the same look.

Actually the big difference of these two flooring types lies in its way of making. If the ceramic is made with extremely high temperature, then the porcelain got not only that but also extremely high pressure. This makes the porcelain is harder than ceramic (but if they are set already, the ceramic tiles are also as hard as porcelain). These two tiles are resistant to moisture, durable for very long time (with a good maintenance), and cost less than hardwood flooring’s maintenance. It is very reasonable for people to go whether with ceramic or porcelain since the number of woods also keep decreasing which is not really good for our beloved planet.

The price itself is little bit different. The porcelain (since it is made by two processes) tends to be more expensive than the ceramic. But the price-gap is not as long as you thing. So, it is about time to get yourself to your nearest home improvement store and buy yourself new flooring materials. Good luck!

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