Characteristics of Craftsman Style Houses

Craftsman Style Houses With Page

Craftsman style houses are classic houses that are still very popular today since even the plans are available in several online sources. So, if you are still thinking about what house style you want to build, then you can add this house style in your list. There are some unique characteristics of craftsman style houses that make them popular up to this modern era.

Actually, some features of craftsman style houses are similar with some other classic house styles that are still popular today. These houses are commonly featured with a low sloping roof with dormer or attics and wide eaves above a deep porch. These features are usually found at classic homes, so you can get the picture of them in your mind easily. You can fill the home with built-in cabinets, seating, nook and shelving since these items are usually available in a craftsman style house. The interior of the house designed with beams that are not only functional, but also decorative. This kind of house style is usually also completed with an open floor plan that used for gathering and displaying several art pieces.

This house style typically highlights some accents such as light fixture and stained glass windows. The site where this house will be built should also be considered in order to reach a maximum goal. It can be built to greet the sun and surrounded with a large garden since it is featured with a deep porch. So, this house constructed with both local and natural materials in the surrounding. Using natural materials is very beneficial since they play important roles for lining fireplaces and decorative accents.

Those are some features and characteristics of craftsman style house plans that you can try to express if you plan to build this house style for your next project.

Gallery of Characteristics of Craftsman Style Houses

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