Characteristics of Federal Style Architecture

Episcopal Rectory Federal Style Brick Architecture

Federal style architecture is a classical architecture built in North America. The terms federal related to the period where this style appeared, the federal period. Federal style has some similarities with Georgian style, that’s why many historians think that this style evoked from Georgian style.

House’s character of the federal style architecture, generally consist of a simple rectangular box, two stories high and two rooms deep. However, since the progress of the era, the original style has been changed become larger structures, modified with projecting wings and polygonal floor plans. The decoration of federal style commonly showcases geometrical concepts with either elliptical or singular shape motifs. Some characteristics of this style are varied. Some of them are the symmetrical brick exterior with little or even no ornaments, add a decorative crown or roof and semi circular or elliptical fanlight over the front door and a narrow sidelight in the side of the front door. The window in the house located with no adjacent pairs and the central of the chimneys are located in the north, whereas the end of chimneys located in the south. Other characteristics can be the various shaped rooms that range from oval, circular and octagonal shape.

Federal Characteristics Photo

According to the unique characteristics of Federal style architecture, some of the materials the material used are clapboard, brick, and fireproofing. The real examples of this style can be seen in the Rockville historic district at 103 West Montgomery Avenue, the Beall-Dawson house, which provides an asymmetrical arrangement of wings and the exterior element confined to a porch. Another example of the shape room building of federal architecture showed in the Octagon House in Washington DC. Although it has some similarities with Georgian style, still, this style has its own characteristic that makes it different from any other styles.

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