Checklist for Child Care Outdoor Play Areas

Child care outdoor play areas – The conditions of the outdoor play environment for a child care center are essential for the safety of children.  If you manage a child care center, or if your child attends one, one of your responsibilities is to maintain the external environment. Children are naturally curious and may be injured if certain hazards are not controlled.

Read more about using a child care outdoor play areas checklist to make sure the kids have fun while they play safely outside.


For additional safety,  make sure the zone is fenced or walled for child care outdoor play areas. Young children should not be allowed to wander alone at the playground or yard. Make sure the gate or fence does not have any holes, screws sticking out or outgoing cables that might hurt the child. The gate or fence must be constructed so that the child cannot climb over it or dig under. Check that the gate can be closed completely so that a child is not able to open it.


Be sure to monitor and clean the garden landscape for outdoor play areas. Although you may not know about poisonous plants, see the Center Director on any questionable looking foliage and its qualities when you get home. If you have a pool in the yard, be sure you have a sturdy lockable gate along any pool place.

Playing surfaces

Make sure child care outdoor play areas have a mat or soft surface on the ground for games. Avoid concrete or compacted earth as they cannot easily absorb the child falling or slipping. For searching games or running around, use wood chips, sand, dirt or rubber in those areas.

Equipping the space

Choose a Child care outdoor play area that controls the space between the game areas. By having games close to each other, about 3 feet (90cm),  it can tempt children to hop from one game to another. Measure the distance between the games and choose a care center where games can have at least 9 feet (274cm) of distance between them.

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