College Dorm Room Ideas

College Dorm Room Ideas Window Glass

College dorm room often comes in unexpected design – too simple, only with one or two beds, desks, old carpet, and etc – that makes some college students feel uncomfortable spending their time in the dorm. Decorating the dorm is one of the best ways to make it more homey and make you feel less homesick. It does not spend much money actually; it only needs some creativity and imagination to create college dorm room ideas that suit with your desires.

Before you start to design your dorm room, as a good roommate, you should ask your partner first what kind of college dorm room ideas she/he wants. It must reveal the personal tastes from both of you. After you come up with the decision, you should think the color of the dorm. It is suggested that you use colorful colors since we know that the college life is very stressful. So, when you come back from campus, it is hoped that you will find a fresh view in your own dorm room. However, everything is back to your personal preference (and of course your roommate’s). Try to rearrange the position of the furniture, from the bed, cabinets, and the desks in such way that you will feel the most comfortable and make sure that it provides adequate light. It is better that in the morning, the sunlight can enter the room through the window. You can decorate the window with cool curtains to add aesthetic side of your room. You can also have some tiny plants to give cool atmosphere, since pets are rarely allowed in the dorm.

As a college student, there will be many books that you will have. Bookends is one of the solutions for keeping them. Thay are available in many models and colors in stationary stores. As the finishing touch, you can hang some pictures or photos to make it more homey, as you feel in home. I hope that college dorm room ideas above can help you to go through your college time for years to come.

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