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Color Selecting Pen Scanner

The best color inspirations come from anything around, started from the tiniest objects until the biggest one. Related to that notion, there is now, a real hi-tech pen which is able to scan any color of an object and then reflect it at the color that is produced from the pen. I personally thing that this is another great idea of this century, because not only it will make the drawing activity easier but also you will get the exact same color like the object that you want to draw. For example, if you are willing to draw an apple, then you just need to scan the apple using the built-in pen scanner, and instantly the color that is produced by the pen will be exactly the same with the color of the apple.

Color Selecting Creative Pen Tool

It is Jin Sun Park the person behind the idea if this genius pen. The “miracle” of coloring from this pen is possible because of the color sensor which is built on the top part of the pen. This sensor, later will deliver the color of the object that is scanned to the back of the pen and for the verification process and as the result the same color of the object that has been scanned will be produced. I can say it acts just like the printer but in more simple way. Of course there must be a cost for something. Because of the presence of the batteries, the color sensor, and the system for the operation, the price will be “a little bit” expensive. But for those who really respect the fact that arts need the best tools and device will take aside the fact of the price. And also, this device enables you to not only scan the color and then produce it in color but also to transfer the data of the colors that you have scanned into your computer or other devices. So, are you ready to have your own color scanning pen?

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