Converting Your Garage into a Workshop

The garage is one of the most promising rooms in the house. If you were smart enough to build a garage that is bigger than what you need for parked cars and storage, you can put your garage to use for other purposes as well. A garage is unofficially a storage room, but it can be many other things too, such as a workshop.

Heating and Cooling

A garage is the most basic room in the house, and therefore has no heating or cooling facilities. This is fine when you use the garage for nothing more than parking the car. But when you plan to spend extended periods of time in there, you need to do something more. You could install insulation into your walls to make sure that the garage never gets too cold or too hot. However, this can be expensive. You could simply use a local heater or air conditioner for heating and cooling instead of connecting the garage with the central HVAC system. Though if you are planning a woodworking shop, you may want to stay clear of air-conditioners altogether as any fine wood shavings could damage the system. Invest in large pedestal fans instead. If you are going to be working with cars, woodwork paints and glues, or with other substances that cause heavy fumes, you should pay special attention to ensuring that your garage has ample ventilation.

Lighting and Electricity

The lighting system in the garage usually consists of a lone incandescent hanging awkwardly from the ceiling. This lighting is absolutely not enough to do any kind of work. You can install bright incandescent lights, more than one if needed, so that you have a brightly lit room. Spotlights or track lights could be used for places that need special attention like the workbench. If you are doing handiwork or furniture painting in your workshop, you can make do with the existing electrical outlets. However, if you are planning to work with heavy machinery like power saws, large lathes, and routers, then you might need to install additional, special voltage electrical points. Make sure that these points are all ground-faulted so that even if there is water involved, you will not get the shock of your life.

Plumbing and Sinks

For an automobile workshop, you might need to include a water outlet to the garage conversion ideas but more often than not; a washbasin is all you need. Having a wash basin in the workshop helps you clean after yourself, so that you do not track the dirt and grime back into the house. Moreover, workshops usually mean harsh chemicals, oils or fluids. These may damage your expensive basins in your master bathroom. You should also need to consider how to drain these toxic elements carefully and safely.

Once these basic things are taken care, you can install the specific elements you need for your specific workshops.

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