Cost of Metal Roof Vs Shingles

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When it comes to the selection for your roof, you may get confused by the choice whether it will be metal roof or shingles. Well, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages tough, so maybe it will end with personal taste and preferences. But of course when it’s about a home development project, the budget will always be the main topic which will be placed on the top list by the homeowners. So, I think it will be better to see these two rivals comparison to find the one which fits your house the best. Let’s start, shall we?

Firstly, let’s get closer to shingles. I will take the asphalt shingle as the example. This type of shingles cost less, has wide range of color, and of course they are easy-to-install type and the good news is that this type of shingle last longer than other types. The asphalt shingle is fiberglass cored and not asphalt, this just makes it resistant to fire and also flexible. Then does this asphalt shingle have any disadvantage? Of course, it has, it cannot stay for severe weather such as high wind as well as hail. Their composition will be just damaged by the extreme weather.

Now, what about the metal roof? Of course since it is metal, it will stay stronger to extreme weather than the asphalt shingle. They are also fireproof and it’s such a big advantage for homeowners. It is also able to stay for about 30 – 50 years, WOW! They also recyclable but in the term of price you maybe hate it, since it is way more expensive than the asphalt shingle (but for long term use, it is such a worthy thing to go). Metal roof is about 30 % more costly than the asphalt shingle and also requires more complicated first installation but with its advantages above, I think it will be hard to choose between these two. And the decision is yours after all.

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