Creative Ideas Canopy Bedrooms from Time To Time!

In the past, fabric canopies in bedrooms were used as a medium to create a system of protection over the bed.  They prevented bugs, specifically mosquitoes from biting the inhabitants. In more recent times a canopy in the bedroom is deployed more as a decorative than a protective accessory.  Other ways to keep insects away are more practical.  Still a canopy over a bed can look great even if it is not needed for protection.

People look to create designs with a canopy look to make their bed more beautiful and attractive. In fact there are times when the mosquito net can be installed without using a pole or support element, but mounted directly to blend with the roof or ceiling. This modern canopy can be mounted on the bottom of the sloping roof shape so the netting is located at the rear of the bedroom. The canopy adds a layer of concealment but still allows air to flow freely.

To be able to create a luxurious impression, and feel more beautiful the modern canopy bedroom can also be installed in such a way that it intertwines with the curtains on the windows or doors. This keeps it from having a mosquito net look that is plain and stiff. It will have waves which make the fabric look fat and thick. If the ceiling is particularly high you may need to mount it on a pole or other fixture lower than the ceiling.

Gallery of Creative Ideas Canopy Bedrooms from Time To Time!

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