Decorating Your Pretty Living Room Colors

Pretty Living Room Colors with Awesome Purple Theme

When decorating your living room, considering the right colors should be highly considered. Contrasting the colors with the rest decoration is the first thing you have to do. If you don’t combine the colors well, you will find that a color may overwhelm the others so that the look you want to display doesn’t work well. There are many colors that can be used as pretty living room colors to make your living room more appealing. You can express your personality by the colors chosen that surely have to be complemented with the others.

When adding colors to your living room, why don’t you use two colors instead only a single color? As long as you combine the colors well, you can create a beautiful wall painting in your living room. You can paint your walls with soft yellow and combine it with blue floral patterned fabric as the pop in the living room. The patterns can be used for the furniture coverings and the windows. If you don’t know how to combine colors and worry about having unmatched color combination, you can use neutral colors as a safe option. Some neutral colors that can be pretty living room colors are white, beige and light paste; shades. Combine neutral wall color with bold and brighter colors for the accents to make the room not too plain. If you don’t like add pop colors on the accents, but just want to make the walls stand out, giving bold statement to the wall by painting it in red can be a nice idea. You can combine the red walls with brown for the rest decor.

In order to find the pretty living room colors that work well in your home, you can try to play with some colors and some hues to get the perfect combination color.

Gallery of Decorating Your Pretty Living Room Colors

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