Decoration with Mirror Effects

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The mirrors are all around us – at home, in the office, on the streets, and at the shops.

They conquered a parallel world that create, excite and fascinate with their magnetism and irresistible power of attraction. It is this strength that is often used in interior design and the decoration of the house – and not just because of optical illusions that create mirrored surfaces.

Mirror offers a tempting opportunity not only to just look around, “look at you” but also to reflect everything that surrounds us, creating a mystical world of unreal shaped reflections.

Therefore, beyond the standard form for decorating the walls in your home with different shaped mirrors many current trends is to decorate with stickers with mirror effects. This implies incredible creative options; the only limit is the shape and look of the stickers to be in harmony with the interior design of the space.

The secret of this popularity of mirror stickers is due to 2 main features:

– Reflected interior elements seem so unusual and exciting, sometimes even in the spirit of Salvador Dali that everyday reality passes like in another dimension.

– They provide an opportunity to increase both natural and artificial light, and whimsical images create a unique charm to any room.

With the stickers with mirror effect and the actual mirrors, reflecting mainly the objects in close proximity, you should carefully consider where to place.

And if the elements are present in the interior with bright colors (e.g., chair, rug, and picture), they will automatically receive an additional colored decoration in support of the actual prototype.

Floral, geometric designs, urban images, clouds, stars – choice of the form of stickers are incredibly much. And the application of them – in every room of the house has room for such effects.

Only in the kitchen will you need to be careful not to place near the stove and the sink, because the risk of contamination is higher, and the surface of the stickers should be gentle and carefully cleaned.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the most beautiful home?

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