Build A Creative Small Bathroom

If you want to build a creative small bathroom, aim the focus away from the room size and put it on the wall design, alternative equipment, bold wall coverings, or other eye-catching design details.

If you have a small bathroom in the hallway or on a tiny toilet that is placed under the stairs, do not be intimidated by the size – use it! Shift your focus from square footage to the material, color, or the equipment. Turn your space from ordinary to extraordinary. With a little more creativity in the use of colors, tile, wallpaper, and fixtures you can turn your small bathroom remodel into a jewelry box.

Go for a creative picturesque treatment. Take advantage of the easy and affordable benefits of color to make your creative small bathroom from scratch. Bold colors are great, but creative painting also works well in small spaces. Paint is easy to change so do not be afraid to play with.

Try horizontal stripes in one half of the bathroom to make the room look wider. A painted ceiling draws attention to itself and thus away from the small size.

An open shower. Europeans have known it for years that the removal of the door can make a shower in the smallest bathrooms suitable. Tile from floor to ceiling to create a great small but functional shower in a small bathroom..

Unconventional equipment should be considered. Even if a bathroom has room for a small shower the positioning may limit the space for the washbasin. To save space some designers have taken a creative approach by having the washbasin with a mirror above mounted directly on the glass partition wall of the shower.

Great floor tiles. Put the spotlight of your bathroom on the ground to draw the eye towards the back of the room. A narrow bathroom first seems tight, but the floor tiles make the space feel larger.

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