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Extreme Environment Architecture Contruction

Architectural world always create something unique and different. The recent trend of architecture is the extreme environment architecture structures. This concept is very challenging for both in designing and living in. However, it such a very great concept that build a construction in extreme environment. The designs that already appear is the prefab shelters and hotels that built in mountain. The building designed with safe construction and roofed space so that any alpinists can take a rest and find shelter in the mountain. This is a very great idea since there will be no comfortable resting place in a mountain, but these hotels and shelters can offer more than comfortable place.

LEAP factory Gervasutti also design such similar building in Mont Blanc. They build a prefab pods featured with solar panels complete with a system used to solve the energy issues while providing tools to remote and control and monitor it. This also offers a very comfortable room just like at home start from living room, dining room, sleeping units and a beautiful view of the mountains that can be enjoyed from the window. Refuge de Gouter is another extreme environment construction that will be ready in 2013. Still construction in a mountain, Refuge de Goiter designed by Groupe H architects is actually a remodel construction from the old style in 60s. The change of the old building can be seen from the size and the energy consumption. This four floor building is a great place for alpinist since it featured with summer-only, energy and water efficient.

The designs of extreme environment construction above is a great result of high-level creativity while providing a good lifestyle support for some people who like to spend their time to go to a mountain. The designs offer a very comfortable resting place for any alpinist and it can make a mountain journey more interesting.

Gallery of Extreme Environment Architecture

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