Flos Wall Piercing Decoration Ideas

Flos Wall Piercing With Cabinet Shelves

If you want to create a unique style, or plan to apply a new design in your home, the best place to express your creativity is your wall. Your wall is like a blank canvas that needs to be filled with something more interesting and eye catching. So, everything about your design ideas can be communicated from the wall. For a unique, inspirational idea look to what Flos has created, wall piercing. Flos wall piercing gives a different look to any room where it is used, and makes the wall a focal point instantly.  There are several designs of wall piercing from Flos that are sure to suit your taste.

Wall piercing designed by Flos clearly emphasizes the function and the decorative side of a wall in any house design. The concept of Flos wall piercing is incredible in that it is embedded in the wall as if it produces light that is powered by the wall. The models of the wall piercing are varied starting from 1x, 2x to 4x models. It offers one, two three or even four rings that can be embedded to the wall. So, you can customize it to determine how many rings you need for your wall. When the wall piercing has been installed you will find the flush installation that breaks out the rings resemble the look of ringed planets or atoms. The piercing is made of aluminum and features a polycarbonate diffuser for quick installation. If want an easier installation, you can choose the one with white finish so that you can mount it to a white wall.

If you are interested to learn more about Flos wall piercing, you can visit websites like stylepark.com and see the stunning designs.  From this site, you can visit the manufacturer site to see more in the collection.

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