Guide to Designing Your Baby Nursery

Admit it, nursery décor ideas are more for you than the baby. The poor little baby cannot tell blue and pink apart, what would he or she care about the nursery room design. Parents are the ones who are more excited about decorating the nursery. However, in their zeal, they often forget about the practicality of the design. That is why it is necessary to find the right balance between practicality and aesthetic when considering nursery ideas. If you are clueless about where to start, the following tips will definitely come in handy.

The Furniture Choices

The crib of course takes the central position among the other nursery room ideas, and often, the rest of the décor revolves around it. From a practical point of view however, the crib is the least used furniture in the house. There is no guarantee that the baby will at all sleep in the crib; some babies are very fussy about that. Then, the baby simply grows out of the crib which means it might not even last a year. There are cribs that can be converted into bigger beds and can actually grow with the child. They may cost more but more utility can be derived out of them. The changing desk is another important piece of furniture in the nursery. You could use a table, a dresser or any flat surface. Make sure you have all the changing items close at hand. Also, a comfortable chair is extremely important for all those nights you stay up nursing the child.

The Nursery Themes

Do not go overboard with theme-based nursery rooms. Honestly, the baby cannot tell the difference and when they do form opinions, they might not like the baby like themes. Keep the décor soothing and simple. Try not to use elaborate wallpapers; instead use stickers to decorate the wall. They are easier to take down if the child does not like them later. Color coding is okay, but do not turn a room exceptionally blue, pink or any single color. There needs to be a color scheme because usually, two colors look better than a single color décor. In fact, if you choose the colors well, they can actually add to your toddler’s room décor too.

The Important Things

Do not obsess about the design more than the safety aspects of the room. Try to put a carpet on the floor, so that your baby has a soft landing. You need not invest in a very expensive carpet as there are always risks of staining due to food spills and other not-so-pleasant spills! Make sure there are no sharp edges around the room, like pointed table corners. Also make sure that there are no heavy frames hung near the child’s crib. You never know when there might be an accident.

A nursery is a transient room and should be treated as such. No doubt you want it to look pretty but keep in mind its practicality as well.

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