Historical Review of Endless Staircase

Endless Staircase With Iron Design

Endless staircase is like a mysterious thing since this represents a staircase that has no end. Surely a staircase always has the ending, so an endless staircase is usually only exist in fiction movies or stories. The term of endless staircase proves that an architectural element like staircase can be turned into something mysterious and scary. You can just imagine how you will feel if you are walking down through an endless staircase. Where you think you will be?

If you are a gamer, endless staircase is not an unfamiliar term for you since there are some games that include never ending staircase and usually, the game sounds scary and mysterious. So, this is why this staircase is known to be frightening. However, from the architectural point of view, an endless staircase can be a great element that only can be built by a very great designer. Actually, there is a mathematician, Lionel Pinrose who created an impossible object of endless staircase. The concept of endless staircase from Pinrose is a two-dimensional depiction with turns 90-degree as they ascend or descend. This concept makes the users of this staircase as if they climb forever since they will never get higher as conventional staircase. This is why the design is called endless staircase.

There is also story about endless staircase from Apex Magazine written by Peter M. Balls. This is actually about a love story where there is a man called rat makes a trip to the endless staircase in order to struggle the death of his lover, Marlo. You can read the full story from the online magazine, but this shown that although endless staircase is not real, but this is quite popular among people both in architectural and literature. So, this is just a little thing about endless staircase that is known to be impossible and mysterious to be existed in the world.

Gallery of Historical Review of Endless Staircase

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