How Solar Garden Lights Can Light Your Path

Have you ever woken up to find that the yard lights had been on all night? You must know by now that incandescent lights, especially bright outdoor lights, consume a good amount of energy. Forgetting to turn them off a few days in a row will cause a significant increase in the electricity bill. Now, with solar garden lights you can enjoy a well-lit garden, with minimum hassle, and minimum waste. What could be better than getting your evening lighting direct from the sun? If you are planning to use these solar lights, there are a few things you should know.

How they Work

The average yard light consists of some basic components – the all important photovoltaic cells, battery, photo-resister and the LED. The photovoltaic cells collect the sun’s energy and use it to recharge the batteries. The brighter the sunlight, the more charge the batteries will acquire. A fully charged battery is enough to keep your yard lit for an entire evening. Now the magic happens with the switch on and off mechanism! The photo-resister detects the amount of surrounding light and switches the light on or off accordingly. That means your yard light will turn on at dusk and switch off at dawn, automatically. That means double savings on energy. Not only are you not using electricity to power these lights, you are making the maximum use of solar energy as well.

The Good

The first benefit is of course the energy saving benefit which is a given with solar lighting. The next benefit is easy installation. Usually these types of lights are sold in multi packs of 4, 6 or 8 and are very easy to install. There is no messing around with electrical wires connecting the lights to each other or to the grid. All you need to know is the strength of the LED and the possible area of coverage. That will give you an idea of how to space out your lights. You can get low-powered LEDs that merely let out a glow, while the newer variety can create the bright light that you might desire for your garden. Plus, there are some interesting looking solar garden lights available in the market that can lend a vintage look to your garden.

The Bad

When it comes to solar lighting, cost is always a major concern. Although the cost of solar lighting has come down significantly, when you compare them with your average incandescent, the difference is quite striking. Then there is the dependency on the sun. If the sun doesn’t shine, the lights don’t shine, so the shorter winter days and the overcast skies are quite the enemy.

Like any other product in this world, these types of lights have their pros and cons. But the pros generally outweigh the cons, so they can definitely be a positive addition to your garden to make the maximum use of the summer sun!

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