How To Design Your Country Kitchen

A country kitchen looks great in a kitchen in the country or in the city.  Country bumpkins like me that have moved to the city miss the homey feel of a relaxed country atmosphere.  The kitchen is the soul of the house.  It is where food is prepared, coffee is served, and good conversation happens.

Country kitchens can range from old-fashioned styles of yesteryear to cleverly disguised modern technology presented with an old fashioned flair. The combinations and style variations are almost limitless.

Cottage kitchens come with bright and warm wood fronts. The style of country house kitchens encompass a variety of styles. From rustic Scandinavian to French-Mediterranean many different styles can be purchased. One thing they all seem to have in common is the use of natural materials.  The furniture is comprised primarily of wood, stone, and terracotta.  While some woods are treated with wax and oil. Combination of stylish finishes or brushed elements add to the appeal.

Clear characteristics of a country kitchen are the decorative elements and fine details. The kitchen can be both simple and playful using strong natural hues. This opens up a wide variety of counter tops and surfaces to incorporate into the kitchen.

The possibilities are endless and even some bizarre requests can fit in and look natural in a country kitchen.  Of course, the telling sign of each country kitchen is in the rustic appearance. Remember utility over design and you will be on your way to creating a country masterpiece. Country kitchen styles are a landmark for warmth and comfort. The kitchens are reflected in the foreground against a cozy setting.

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