How to Do an Easy Wall Paper Removal

Easy Wall Paper Removal With Stairs Wood

Removing wallpaper is an easy task since there are several techniques that can be used to remove wallpaper easily and quickly. So, if you are frustrated in removing your outdated wallpaper, you can do it easily using the right wallpaper removal.

There are two easy techniques to remove your wallpaper, using solvent and wallpaper steamer. Both of the techniques are easy to do. You can firstly prepare the area of your wallpaper including remove the face plates, cover the outlets and protect the floor with a drop cloth. After that, perforate the paper using a paper tiger or other perforating tools. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t push it too hard so that the drywall won’t get damage. If the wallpaper has been perforated, you can apply commercial solvent and let it to sit for some minutes before scraping the wallpaper. As the alternative, you can also make your own solution by mixing warm water with a few tablespoons of vinegar. Another wallpaper removal you can do is using steamer. After preparing the area as has been mentioned before, you can fill the steamer with hot water and let it about 30 minutes. Perforate the wallpaper using a paper tiger and place the steamer on the surface of your wallpaper for a while to soften the glue. The longer you steam the wallpaper, the easier you scrap it. If you feel that the glue has been softened, you can scrape the wallpaper with a plastic putty knife or other wallpaper scraping tools. When scraping your wallpaper, you can start it from the edge until all the whole part is removed.

You can choose an easy wallpaper removal so that you can’t get frustrated during the process. Instead, you will find that this job is quite easy and fun. So, you don’t need to keep that outdated and torn wallpaper all the time.

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