How to Make a French Drain

Drain French With Pipe

In order to maximize the beauty of your yard, you need to solve some common problems appear in your yard and decrease the appeal like the runoff water. Any kind of runoff water in your land will end up with damp ground in your land. Building a french drain is a good solution for this problem. How to make a french drain is very easy. You can follow some steps here.

Let’s start the steps by preparing the materials needed first. What you will need including shovel, striping spray paint, top soil, sand, 6’’ drain pipe, roll of landscape fabric, gravel, turf, and landscaping stones.

The first step of how to make a french drain is, determine area for the routing. You should know where you will bring the excess water from your land. Make a good rout to make sure that the excess water won’t end up in your neighbor’s land. The downward route should be determined as well. This can be done by choosing the location at least one meter from walls or fencing without any trees or shrubs that will interrupt the way you dig the downward route. Make a 6’’ slope every very 50’’ will ensure the best result. Dig 6’’ wide trench using shovel according to the spray paint marks.

The depth of the trench should be no more than the wide. If the trench is done, you can add 3’’ layer of gravel on the bottom and cover it with landscape fabric by leaving 10’’ fabric on each side of the trench. At the top of fabric lining, you can simply insert drain pipe, then add gravel to cover the pipe by leaving 5’’ space between top of gravel with the ground surface. The excess fabric left can be folded over the gravel to create an overlap for protecting the drain pipe.

The last, fill the trench with sand and top soil and cover it with turf. Simply add a bed of stones around the open end of drain pipe. How to make a french drain is very easy. You can do it yourself and save your budget for asking someone do the job for you.

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