How to Make A Greenhouse with Papercrete

How to Make a Greenhouse – Our planet is priceless, and we must be aware of the ecological consequences of our actions. If you are living completely “green”, or you’re just looking for an earth-friendly way to complete your building project, Papercrete offers a versatile alternative to commercial supplies. Papercrete is composed of 60:20:20 proportion of recycled paper, sand, and cement. This earth-friendly material is perfect for building a green house.

First, is mixing Papercrete by measuring the wet pulp, sand, and cement in proportions of 60 percent of recycled paper, 20 percent of masonry sand, and 20 percent of Portland cement. Put wet pulp in a vat. Use a drill adapted with a high strength “X” -shaped blade for use as a stucco mixer. You can buy these at your local home improvement store, or in a lumberyard. Connect the drill stucco blade, and immerse in the wet pulp. Turn on the drill and use it to mix the paper. Add water and gradually form a mixture with cottage cheese consistency. Add sand and cement and mix to combine well. Sand adds mass to the final product to reduce shrinkage and prevent flammability. The cement acts as a bonding agent. Papercrete is then poured into molds shaped like bricks. Leave on overnight so the Papercrete can acquire the form of a brick. Remove Papercrete blocks from the molds and place them on pallets to allow the bricks to dry.  These steps are how to make a greenhouse.

Now build your greenhouse on your own by mixing mortar the same combination of paper, sand, and cement in the same proportion (60:20:20). Follow the instructions and specifications of your construction plans to build a “green” house with Papercrete bricks and mortar. Build the floor with Papercrete too. When you mix the Papercrete for the floor double the proportion of cement to use so it can support the weight of furniture and people. Papercrete can also be used to finish your walls with a coating to strengthen them further.  Hopefully this information on how to make greenhouse will help you build an ecologically friendly structure.

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