How to Organize a Small Kitchen

If it turns out we have a small home kitchen, we do not have to be sad and discouraged. We still can maximize a small kitchen corner into a place that remains fun and efficient for us. Kitchenettes are not an obstacle to preparing healthy and nutritious food for our families. Just follow a few steps how to organize a small kitchen below. Undoubtedly our small kitchen will still look comfortable and roomy.

Here is how to organize a small kitchen:

* Playing with the kitchen set / kitchen cabinet

Put some set kitchen set / kitchen cabinet mounted on the wall of our kitchen. But first, measure exactly the needs for the  kitchen set / kitchen cabinet so that no one buys unnecessary items.

* Prepare items / tools that are often used

Of course not all our kitchen appliances we use often. Choose kitchen appliances that we use most often and put it in a place easily within our reach. Store the rest in the kitchen set / kitchen cabinet

* Smart select kitchen tools

By using a multi-functional kitchen tool, then we automatically save space in your kitchen to store tools and kitchen equipment. For example, select a pot that also serves as a tool for steaming and also for frying

* Never store a dirty tool in the kitchen

By letting the dirty utensils lying in the kitchen, not only is it unsightly but it also makes the kitchen becomes even narrower. Therefore, immediately clean kitchen utensils were dirty so we still felt relieved

* Intelligent organize the spice rack

Although only a spice rack, if we are not smart in arranging the spice rack instead will make our kitchen into a mess. Of course we need a variety of spices in cooking. To be more efficient, put salt, pepper, sugar, and cilantro around us. The rest can be stored in the refrigerator or cupboard in the kitchen set / kitchen cabinet

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