How to Remove Cigarette Smells and Odors on Your Carpets

Cleaning Cigarette Smoke Smell

Everyone should have dreamed on having a nice as well as clean and beautiful carpet at their home. This carpet will improve the appearance and the atmosphere of your private residence. But unfortunately, maintaining the carpet fresh, clean and smells good is not as easy as we thought.  There are lots of problems which could happen and make the carpet unpleasant, dirty and unattractive.

One thing which often makes carpet in our home dirty is the cigarette odor. This is probably something that you did not want to have on your carpet. Cigarette odor will get stuck on the carpet fibers for a long time. And soon, your carpets become dirty and ugly. One tips from me; you may try to use a vinegar-based solution to remove the bad odors and get your carpet deodorized.

Another good stuff I recommend you to remove the bad odors is using baking soda for your carpet. It’s a kind of kitchen ingredient to remove all your cigarette bad smell. Last but not least, if you don’t want to find any cigarette odors in your carpet, you must try to smoke an e cigarette. It won’t provide any bad smell or even odors in your home. That’s what I called a green smoke to create healthier home and environment. However, all is depends on you, whether you want to change your smoking habits or not, I recommend you to read some reviews about electronic cigarette comparison to find the best one for you and your environment.

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