How to Replace Bathtub Faucet

How to Replace Luxury Gold Bathtub Faucet Design

Sometimes every people want to do everything economically, they desire to get good quality with an extremely low budget. This economic principle can also be applied for this case, for replacing bathtub faucet you can also do it economically and effectively. It’s good decision to replace your bathtub faucet yourself, because paying a plumber to do it can be so ridiculously expensive. On the contrary you can decide to pay only for the cost of a new faucet and do the replacement work by your self. The question now is, how to replace bathtub faucet?

Follow this instructions, with a few simple tools you will know how to replace bathtub faucet and will be able do it easily any time. First of all, prepare all materials you need, simply you’ll only need the new faucet and replacement silicon. Then, use puller to remove all silicon which keeping the current faucet in place, try to completely remove the silicon so that the faucet will also easily to be removed. After that, unscrew either any bolts holding on the faucet or the faucet itself. Unscrew the faucet by twisting it counter-clockwise. After this step has been finished, remove all the current washers on the faucet frame assembly.

You can use a flathead screwdriver to do it. Pry the washers up and roll them off the metal. Replace the washers you just removed with the new one. Then, take your new faucet and screw it on frame assembly by screwing it clockwise until it’s secure against the wall and then twisting it back. The last step spread your replacement silicon around the edge of the faucet head. Try to seal it neatly to avoid bad result and the most important thing is ensure that there are no holes in the seal. Allow the silicone completely dry before using.

Well, I hope that now how to replace bathtub faucet won’t be a question for you anymore. It’s quite easy to do, so there is no need to call the plumber only to do this simple job, right?

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