How to Stretch Carpet

How to Stretch Carpet

How to stretch carpet – The carpet will go loose after years of using. By the time this thing happens to you, you have two options, buy the new one, or re-stretching it for the new look. By the right directions and tools you will be able to re-stretch your own carpeting. Here below are the things related to the issue of how to stretch carpet. Keep scrolling down.

1. Firstly, get/ rent yourself the tools for carpet-stretching. These tools will be used for a few hours only, so you don’t need to do any purchase for them.

2. Get tack strips cut & installed. Get the tin snips/ a chisel used for cutting the tack strips to meet the required lengths. Get the tack strips nailed down along the room’s perimeter, and leaving a space kept about 3/8 inches between the tack strips & baseboards. After that, get the carpet pad stapled down along the tack strips & seams.

 3. Get one carpet’s end attached to one tack strips’ section. You can start from one room’s corner. Get 1 inch – 2 inches edges of trimmed carpet to get the tack strips overlapped.

4. Next, on how to stretch carpet you need to get the knee kicker toothed end set about 1 inch from the tack strips. Get the teeth embed firmly into the knee kicker to carpet edge’s one section.

5. Get the power stretcher’s bottom part placed about 5 inches – 6 inches from the wall. Then get the lever used for pressing the power stretcher’s teeth to the carpet and get it locked in place. Then, get the carpet stretched gradually until you can hook it onto the tack strips. Repeat this process.

6. Get all carpeting’s excess lengths trimmed. Get a carpet cutter used for trimming the carpet’s extra lengths between the tack strips & walls. Then get all trimmed edges under the baseboard trim tucked with a smooth/ circular edged ladle of plastic.

7. Get the tack strips removed. Try to remove one tack strip’s section at time while getting it tugged gently to get the carpet free. Get a pry bar used for removing the tack trips setting nails & pliers set for removing all staples which attached earlier to the pad of the carpet.

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