How to Turn Your Shed into a Mini Summer House

Throughout winter, we are very dependent on artificially created heat. Our doors and windows mostly remain shut to save us from the dreaded draft. This set-up does keep us warm and comfortable, but we tend to lose the connection with nature. Come summer and you are ready to re-embrace Mother Nature. With the spring blooms, pleasant sun and the fresh colors all around, we tend to look at our garden with loving eyes again. And suddenly the modern shed that was used only for storage purposes, looks like a promising mini summer house! It could stir up a compelling desire to cook up some DIY shed plans. Well, these tips should give you some food for thought.

For A Personal Lounge Area

First you need to evaluate how much space you have and what you want to do with the space. If it has enough space to incorporate a mini house, complete with bathroom, kitchenette and a comfy bed, then go for it. You will have a studio apartment right in your backyard! However, if you do not have such ample space, you could still fit in a tiny cove-like space that could be your mini retreat in the summers. Then your possibilities are endless.

You can make it a casual space with some rugs and plenty of cushions on the floor surrounding yourself with all things you love. Or you could add a cozy bed, some chairs and your favorite knickknacks. In such a case you might only need a fresh coat of bright paint, some sophisticated lighting, and perhaps some form of fan — it could get a little hot in there. Do try to squeeze in a bathroom in there somewhere, even if it is just the basic toilet. Nothing could be worse than being cozy with your favorite book, sweet bird chirps all around, and you are interrupted with the other kind of nature call. Just the thought of walking up all the way to the main house could be a mood dampener.

For A Mini Guest House

If, however, you are thinking of turning a shed into a guest house, then a bit more planning is required. For a casual summer house, you do not need insulation because you will only be there in the warmer months.  But for a three-season guest house, you have to consider insulation as well. Suppose the guests come in the late fall or early spring — you would not be able to use the space and it will be an utter waste. Although making a DIY mini house is not impossible, it is a pretty big project for which you need to have time, money, and expertise. In that case, you could call in the experts. They will survey, give suggestions and build, saving you the hassle. The expert touch also does ensure a longer lifespan of the build.



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