How to Unclog Bathtub

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Most people regard a clogged bathtub as a very annoying thing, especially because it can make unclean and even disgusting stains on the surface of the bathtub. Even, it does only a little clog still it will obstruct the flow of the water through the drain. Keep in mind to resolve this problem as soon as possible and never wait until the drain is fully obstructed since even partial obstruction can lead to significantly slower water flow. You may call a plumber home, but actually it’s a simple thing which you will be able to do by yourself.  Therefore, you need to know how to unclog bathtub in order to make you easier resolve such problems anytime you want. Just follow these instructions then you will be able to rid the clogs away and keep future clogs at bay.

How to unclog bathtub are various, may depend on the location of the clogs which obstruct the flow of the water. Some of the home owners prefer to use the environmentally safe method than the other method, while some others assume major chemical cleaners represent the best way to dislodge the stubborn clogs. This assumption may be right and may be wrong. These chemical cleaner like Drano may be so effective to destroy the clog, but they tend to be caustic and harmful to the environment since they can releasing corrosive gases into your home. Beside, the toxic may possibly damage the pipe of the bathtub drain as well. Therefore, I suggest you to prefer using chemical cleaner as the last option.

There are some options of how to unclog bathtub. You can use plunger, bent wire, vacuum cleaner, or plumbing snake methods. All of them are good to be used since they are not only effective but also environmentally safe ways. However, still you should remember that the best way to deal with clogs is to prevent them, so it’s better to keep your bathtub clean all the time.

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