Kitchen Backsplash Options

Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash Options

Transforming your kitchen into a comfortable place to cook is not as difficult as you think. You just need to apply some backsplashes that suit your kitchen perfectly. Besides its function to protect the wall from the staining, it also can create a nice atmosphere for cooking. There are many kinds of backsplash options which are affordable that can you take for your consideration.

First is Wood Pallet Backsplash. This is one of backsplash options that can be your DIY chance because you can play to create a fantastic decoration that would be your style. This is inexpensive because you just need to find some wood pallets and then you can cut them as you pleased – whether each cut will be in the same or different size. After it, stick them using liquid nails and you will be surprised how it can create a natural look for your kitchen. Chalkboard Backsplash is the second backsplash option that you can choose. It brings the contrast color between white and black that will bring a different visual combination. Moreover, you can write some notes, recipe, or even draw some pictures on it. It is not water resistant, but if water splashes on, you can redraw again. This is a simple design, but will bring you a great pleasure and of course affordable budget since you just need some paint only.

The other backsplash options for your kitchen are Tin Ceiling Tile and Corrugated Metal Backsplashes. There are a lot of choice of tin ceiling in many various colors, such as copper, silver, stainless steel, gold; and also available in many kinds of patterns, from the simplest pattern to the most complicated one. The corrugated metal backsplash may sound peculiar for some people, but atually it will be cool if we can apply it right, vertically or horizontally depends on your preference. Wallpaper backsplash also can be sticked out to your kitchen wall. It provides many colors and patterns that you can choose as your wish with inexpensive price certainly.

Gallery of Kitchen Backsplash Options

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