Kitchen Design Ideas

Your kitchen design should meet and satisfy all your needs, while also giving you a beautiful look. Space is the most important part of a kitchen design, so design your kitchen according to the size of the room, with enough space for all the kitchen appliances, cooking and cleaning.

•A cabinet is a storage facility in the kitchen. Selection of kitchen cabinets is very important for the formation of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets should have a solid foundation to add facial metal runners for easy sliding.

• The pantry is an important part of any kitchen. You use the pantry for storage of certain products in bulk. A pantry should be placed in or adjacent to the kitchen, for flexibility and more storage.

• Work desk should be good looking, durable and easy to clean.

• Commissioning of pipes (water filter, mounting the sink, dishwasher) and electrical services (kitchen lights) must be planned in advance.

• Plan integrating kitchen appliances in advance. Find a kitchen sink, refrigerator, stove and oven in the shape of a triangle. This facilitates better access to products and save you time in the kitchen cooking.

• For the fridge and oven, make a separate part of the same materials from their lockers. As a microwave is used primarily for food place on the refrigerator side.

• Improve the look of your kitchen interior design with crockery and cutlery as appropriate.

• An important part of the kitchen design is the implementation of the kitchen unit (dishwasher, sink, drain, above). When placed inappropriately will make a big difference in how you work in your kitchen.

• For proper lighting and drainage installation, put the sink under the window opposite the outer wall. Set the washing machine near the kitchen for convenient use.

• Place the table on the kitchen wall with enough space to cook both sides. Also, put a hood over the counter for exhaust fumes. Set the kitchen storage cabinets on either side of the hood.

• Make sure the window above the sink has an extension of the workbench. This allows food to pass out and eat quickly.

Choosing light colors for the kitchen. This makes the kitchen look bigger than it is. Avoid dark colored tiles. This allows the former soap that is easily visible and damaging interior kitchen design.

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