Magnetic Hover Bed

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The feeling of a floating sensation when you are sleeping is a great experience. This is why many people like having floating beds where they can get that floating sensation. The greatest floating sensation comes from the Magnetic Hover bed. It is also one of the most expensive beds in the world. Surely there are some reasons why this bed is one of the most expensive beds.

Commonly, floating beds are suspended from the ground, but this is the first difference with the Magnetic Hover bed. It is not suspended, but it really floats in the air. What makes it float is the the magnetic system of the bed that allows it to bypass the laws of gravity. Moreover, even with no supports, this bed can hold up to 900 kgs and float around 1.3 feet off the ground. Well, these fact are enough to answer why this bed is one of the most expensive beds in the world. However, there are still some more interesting features offered by this luxurious bed. This technology can be used not only in a bedroom, but also in  other areas such as coffee tables, sofas, and dining tables to give you more functions that just using it for a bed. You can even enjoy your meal time while floating in the air. Surely this can be an awesome experience. Well, the only drawback of this great bed is the price. Since it has been called the most expensive bed, then you can imagine how much it will be. For the smaller units, it priced around US$1.6 million while for one fifth of the full size it priced around US$153,000.

Those are some reasons why Magnetic Hover bed is so expensive.  If you want a truly amazing bed you will have to pay for it.

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