Make a Fun Garden for the Kids This Summer

With fast food and obesity plaguing the kids of today, it is important for them to rediscover the outdoors. The backyard is like a blank canvas. You can decorate it the way you please. There are plenty of DIY options to introduce some summer fun for the kids. It is time to get them off their Playstations and get them back in touch with nature. For kids who love plants, you could try teaching gardening for kids. For the others, there is plenty more to do. Here are some simple but amazing ideas for fun summer activities for the kids.


There is a strange connection between kids and dirt of any kind. You can take your pick between a sandbox and a dirt box. Dirt boxes are much more versatile and there are a lot of things the kids can do in the dirt box. They can insert pipes and make tunnels for their cars, build houses more easily and whatever their imagination throws at them. The good thing about dirt, by that we mean screened topsoil, is that it is cheaper to acquire and when the kids outgrow it, you can simply add it to your existing garden. The bad thing is well, it is dirt, so kids and their clothes will get dirty! Sand in that regards is easier to clean off. Whether you choose a dirt- or sandbox, make sure the box itself includes a lid to keep it from becoming a giant litter box for neighborhood cats.

Giant Games

For kids who think that board games are boring, make garden plans in a way that you can incorporate magnified versions of regular games. You can install a giant Chess or Scrabble board in your patio. It is hardly expensive and a whole lot of fun. Both kids and the grownups can enjoy a game or two. If that seems too much trouble, just make a 12-inch round cardboard stencil and different colored spray paints. Spray a twister grid right onto the grass, and you can keep kids occupied for hours. And after a couple of sessions of mowing, the ground is good as new!

Water Fun

Summers are incomplete without some water fun in your garden. A simple tub of soapy water and some hula hoops, could keep the kids entertained by blowing giant bubbles. Or you could use a giant tarp and a hose pipe to create a splash pool. In fact, a splash pool is a much safer for kids to play in because there is no chance of drowning. And if your house happens to have some hills and valleys in the backyard, you can even create water slides!

Tree House

Kids always like to have a secret place to do all their secret planning and play, and tree houses have always been a popular choice. You can go all out, making a proper house or simple platform. Kids will be happy in both!

With so many options in is often difficult to pick one over the other but rest assured, some fun summer backyard moments could become your kid’s best memory of childhood!

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