Moss Bath Mat: Decorative Stuff for Your Bathroom

Moss Bath Mat Carpet

A very important item in a bathroom as well as the bathroom décor and the organization is the bath mat. Well, how beautiful and how luxurious your bathroom design is, but if there is no bath mat, then your bathroom will be stressful. So, the first thing that you do after showering is dry your feet on the bath mat. This piece is not only very functional, but it can be decorative either. There are various designs and colors of bath mat that can complete your bathroom design. Also, some people even use their cloth that is no longer use as the bath mat. Moss bath mat is an Eco friendly design of bath mat that can add a touch of green in your bathroom. So, if you are a kind of person who usually takes the benefits of the old shirts as the bath mat, then you may have to stop.

This bath made from three kinds of moss that provides tactile and aesthetic variety. The textures and appearance of this bath mat is varied throughout the grid of the bath mat. Since this is made from moss, you may think that it can become dull quickly, but it won’t. Moss bath mat designed with flexible and durable material in order to be able to last more than the moss itself. There are three varieties of this bath moss; they are ball, island and forest. Using this bath mat in your bathroom will not only make it more decorative, but it also gives you a different sensation of drying your foot. The soft green moss makes you feel a different sensation while walking on it.

Having moss bath mat in your bathroom will make as if you are walking on a cut grass and you can feel the fresh of the grass itself in your bathroom. Since a bathroom is typically humid, then having this green moss bath will not be a problem. So, maintenance will be easier for you since only stepping your feet on the bath mat can be a good way to maintain.

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