Original Ideas for Christmas Lights

Once Christmas arrives, the decoration of our homes can become a real headache. However, with a little imagination and some original ideas to put up the Christmas lights, the results can be extraordinary.


  • Exterior:  a traditional way to put Christmas lights is to do the exterior of the house.
  • Bottles: meter lights inside glass jars can be a good way to decorate an original way for Christmas.
  • Bedrooms: Christmas lights in the bedroom are an unusual way to decorate our house this time of year, but can be extraordinary.

Besides converting our holiday home in a much more pleasant and welcoming place, we can give it a fun twist.

Colored lights or white lights

If we have the ability to place lights on the outside of your house, your decor will look great. They are very simple but attractive at the same time and can be placed at the entrance or somewhere we want to highlight the garden.

Although it is common to place colored lights, you can also do it with white lights if you like minimalist things and  it just brings the illumination of your own touch of Christmas.

But the Christmas lights are not just for placing outside, we can also place them in the bedroom like a curtain or entangled by the windows.

The headboards can also be a good spot to place and thus provide an original image, since it is not the most common place them in a place like this.

Jars filled with light

Another original way to put Christmas lights is to put them in glass jars, leaving the top uncovered to run the electrical cord. The result is spectacular and we will not only be for Christmas but also to decorate the rest of the year.

You will need to put some thought it into it but sooner or later you will come up with some ideas to give the holidays a different, innovative and attractive touch.

Christmas is a traditional time but we must not give up modernity and originality.

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