Pics of Bathroom Designs

Pics of Luxury Bathroom Designs

Generally we will find that most bathrooms have small space since people think it will be useless making too large bathrooms when we use them only for taking a bath and the likes. But making them a little bit larger also will be a wise thing to do. Well, no matter what your bathroom’s sizes or how big they are, the main point is that making them as cozy as possible is important. This place is the place where we start our day in the morning. I may say your bathroom is the second most important part of the house after your bedroom to maintain your mood every day you wake up and then work after that. So, when you are about re-doing your bathrooms or just extremely upgrade it, here below are the pics of bathroom designs which hopefully can help you. Keep reading for the details.

The wall color is the first important thing. If you have a small spaced bathroom, then go with neutral colors. These neutral colors will make your small bathroom looks larger by reflecting light and creating the more spacious illusion. Avoid bold and dark colors since they will just make your small bathroom looks even smaller. If you have larger bathroom, then it will be better doing the contrary from the small bathroom. Using neutral color in large bathroom will only make it look plain and boring. Now let’s move to the flooring. You can choose between these two tiles, the ceramic or porcelain tiles. Both of them have their own benefits; just choose the one which fits your needs the most.

After done with the wall and flooring now it’s about the storage for your bathing stuffs. If you have large spaced bathroom, then you can even make personal section for accommodating your bathing stuffs. If your bathroom is small, you can use the shelving which will be a big help in saving space. Good luck.

Gallery of Pics of Bathroom Designs

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