Pictures of Laundry Rooms

Picture of Laundry Room

I recently saw pictures of laundry room that is sourced from Electrolux that (I think) has been inspired me. So far I think that a laundry room is a private/ separated room that is purposed for the only laundry things, just like a bedroom. But after seeing these pictures of laundry room, I suddenly realize that not all homes or apartments have adequate space for a single, private laundry room. Some of them even only consisted of a bed room and kitchen (for flats/ apartments). The pictures from Electrolux have shown the possibilities that can be created related to the laundry room. Actually, if there is no space at all for a single, private laundry room, we can use one room for two purposes.

Laundry Room Design Pictures

Like one of the pictures from Electrolux here, the kitchen and the laundry area is in one room. They share the space harmoniously. The laundry in the one side has the tall shelving that stand from the floor up to the ceiling as the storage place of the laundry room. Or extremely you can use the work place both for laundry room and also working space. All you need to do it by using the huge and high shelving, out the washing machine on the bottom center of the shelving and you can use the racks of both side (left and right) for accommodating your work paper or anything else.

Organize Laundry Room Design

What if you only have a single bedroom and that’s all, nothing’s left? Of course with a careful planning, you can make your own laundry room in a single room place. First, we need to take care of the bed, transform your bed into a lofting bed so that he space below is free. And instantly you can put the desk and shelving for the washing machine under your lofting bed.

Gallery of Pictures of Laundry Rooms

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