Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin is identical with Halloween, and it has been the symbol for that day. It is considered as the most traditional object for the Halloween day decorations. There are lots of ideas for using the pumpkin for the Halloween decoration, and then the question is how to make the stylish decoration made from pumpkin for the Halloween day. Actually, a lot of themes that can be carved on the pumpkin, started from ugly face or the ghost face, Or you can paint it with gorgeous and festive colors. Here below are some pumpkins carving ideas that hopefully can inspire you in creating the cool pumpkin decoration for your next Halloween. Keep reading for the details.

The bottles’ big bowl

For this carving idea, you just need to cut your biggest pumpkin a half, and then, clean the pumpkin until it looks like a big bowl. Fill the pumpkin bow with ice and its ready to accommodate your campaign bottles.

The colorful pumpkin balls

Find about 5 or 4 medium and small pumpkins. Paint them with the festive colors that you desire such as matte blue combined with matte grey. And then you can put them or imprint them on one and another pumpkin. You can put them in the corner or in front of the house at your garden.

The famous ghost face

This is the most famous pumpkin carving ideas that ever been discovered until the recent day. You can simply carve it by your own hands. You can adopt many designs of this ghost carving from many sources, started from the simple grind pumpkin until the complex one.

Beads it up

Paint the pumpkin in white. After you have done with the painting process, put beads on it with glue. It will absolutely make your day, since the sparkling beads will give you the atmosphere.

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