Renovating Kitchens and Small Kitchen Makeovers

No need to work hard, because you can renovate your kitchen with minimal expense. We show you how to complete a small kitchen makeover with 5 small changes that will transform your kitchen into a completely new. First, upgrade the cabinets. No need to completely revamp the cabinets, just change their face to give a new look to the kitchen. It is a much smaller investment, especially if the sizing is standard. You can also take the opportunity to change out the handles and other hardware. Make sure to fit the existing holes.

Next, look at total storage space. If you want to gain more storage with your small kitchen makeover, you can take some free wall space to install a tall pantry. Choose one with glazed fronts if you do not want to overburden the environment. Another option is to place a shallow cabinet on the counter and keep small appliances in it.

Three, renew the flooring. If the floor is level, you can install right over the original parquet flooring. For a place like the kitchen, a synthetic flooring is more durable. If you want to change the flooring throughout the house, an inexpensive option is microcemento applied over old floors. It is very durable, but is only worth it for finishing large areas.

Step four, upgrade appliances. It’s an easy change and gives the kitchen a fresh look. Also, you can take advantage of this change and choose an ecological model. The devices that incorporate water conservation can reduce consumption up to 50 %. If you want a more practical small kitchen makeover, choose a model that has removable spout.

Five. Changing the color of the walls is a small kitchen makeover gem. Color has the ability to transform the space. Therefore, simply paint the kitchen with a completely new color. Choose a sturdy acrylic paint that is resistant to moisture and grease, and has a glossy finish.  The glossy finish will be more resistant. Before applying a paint sealant layer against moisture. The most obvious change will be choosing a very different color than you have now.

Gallery of Renovating Kitchens and Small Kitchen Makeovers

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