Replacing a Bathtub

Replacing a Bathtub Window Design

Basically, the reparation for a cracked or leak bathtub can be done by replacing the broken tub unit with the new one. Sorry to say that replacing a bathtub never is an inexpensive endeavor. However, if you do it correctly by yourself without calling and paying a plumber, then it may decrease the charge cheaper than you used to pay. There is no different whether you decide to change the tub with the same size or choose the bigger one to make more space for the new bathtub, since the installation process of both of them is basically the same.

Replacing a bathtub means that you need to remove the old bathtub then install the new one. So, it may take some pretty long time for the replacement. Anyway, let’s talk about the removing steps first. Ensure to turn off all of the water supply, and then disconnect the bathtub’s drain pipe by releasing the pipe below the strainer. Take out the hot and cold water faucets; also take the tub wall covering out to expose the bathtub clips for removal. Then, remove away the bathtub from the wall and remove it from bathroom. You will need some helps to remove the tub out of your bathroom.

Once the tub is removed, now you may begin to install the new tub. Position the new bathtub in the bathroom and level the tub. Then secure the tub by attaching the hangers. Then place the drain and water supply to the piping of the new tub. Keep in mind that the drain plug should be attached to the seal. After that attach the taps on the tub for placing the hot and cold faucets. Some verification should be done to check for any leak in the tub, then you may turn on the water supply. Well, replacing a bathtub is a pretty simple job, isn’t it?

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