Replacing Bathtub Faucet

Replacing Bathtub Small Faucet Design

Many home owner think that replacing bathtub faucet is hard to do for everyone who has no knowledge in plumbing. But actually, it’s just an easy thing that look more complicated than it really is. The process is so simple so everyone can do it themselves, regardless of their knowledge level.

To make it more easier, I’ll give you some tips for replacing bathtub faucet. Before you start, you’re going to need to recognize the type of your faucet’s spout, whether it’s slip type or screw type. To determine, you need to look under the spout. The slip type will have a small screw hole, and the screw type will not. After determining, then you need to know the right things to replace the faucet which is different for every types. For the screw type, this one is relatively easy to remove. Generally, such type will be found in somewhat older bathtub. Just insert a screwdriver and twist it in a counter clockwise to remove the spout. Then, do the same for the rest process, even now you will be able to remove without screwdriver. After that, replace the old faucet with the new one and just repeat the process in reverse to install the faucet. For the slip type, you’re going to replace it somewhat different with the previous type. Such type will be found in modern home,because it still relatively new. First, use Allen Wrench to unscrew an Allen bolt in the bottom or another one in the top rear of the faucet. Then come off the existing faucet and replace it, then repeat the step you’ve just done before to return the faucet to the place in the right place.

Well, replacing bathtub faucet is easy, isn’t it? It will be so easy as long as you do the right way. Don’t replace the screw type with slip type replacing methods, and so the contrary.

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