Secret Storage Areas to Save Space

There’s no shame in living in a small house. With a little bit of creativity, a lot of things can be done to maximize storage space in tiny homes. In every home, secret storage spaces lie in plain sight. Our eyes fail to notice them because we are so used to the view. Here’s a handy guide for you to find and use a secret compartment in almost every corner of your home.

More than Just Seating

Storing items under the seats may seem hard to believe at first, but it is possible. Opt for under-seat storage that’ll help you store unused items and lesser-used items, and free up much-needed space in your home.

Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

If you have a bed with storage space, then nothing like it! But if you don’t, store your clothes, under garments, suitcases, travel bags etc. under the floorboards in your bedroom.

Well-Placed Accessories

Kitchen accessories, extra cutlery, crockery etc. can be tucked nicely in slim horizontal drawers nestled among the kitchen cabinets.


Your trinkets, toiletries etc. can be stashed behind the door of a mirror frame. Do you have one of those mirror frames? If you don’t, you can easily have one installed and then whatever you need to freshen up in the morning to get ready for work, you’ll find there.

Take the Stairs

Stairs can be used for more than just climbing up and down to and fro different floors. They can be the perfect shoe shelves and home for shoe polish, socks etc. All you need is a skilled carpenter to retrofit slide-out drawers underneath the steps.

Your Very Own Compact Library

Think no space saving ideas can possibly create room all your books? Think again. Even a humble box can be turned into a bookshelf. If you have a few boxes lying around, why not make use of them now?

Keeping It Away

If you have some precious belongings or rare books in your collection, you can house them behind architectural details like exposed rafters and beams. They will look good as well as stay protected.

Storage Camouflage

Have you ever seen a storage space hidden behind an electrical outlet? Probably not. Most people haven’t. Why not take advantage of that? Install a fake electrical outlet and store valuables behind it (shhh…don’t tell anyone!).

Added Benefit

Decorating small spaces is not only possible, but a lot of fun with these –

  • Window nooks which can be used for seating as well as storage
  • Built-in bathtub which can provide tilt-out storage space for cleaning products and toiletries
  • Faux air vent which you can install in the sheet-rock walls of your home to cover a newly-created storage space
  • The space around the towel rack in the washroom which can be used to stash small toiletries
  • A bed that stays in the ceiling when you don’t need it and lowers from it when you do

To tell you the truth, it’s not space that makes life more comfortable. It’s how you use it. Many tiny houses have enormous storage spaces. The idea is to use empty or filler spaces.

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