Shotgun House Plans

Shotgun House Plans

One of the unique names in the home decoration world is the Shotgun house. Maybe you’re wondering, a shotgun house plans? Yes, the house is called like that because of its long and straight design of the house which can be said it can shoot from the front and the back part of the house straightly. That is the main reason the house is called as shotgun house. The southern tradition of space saving, a house with this style is really famous and considered as the historical house design for the simple and small loft.

Shotgun Homes Plans New Orleans

If you are about realizing your plans of the shotgun house plans, the information about the shotgun house here might be help you (hopefully). The shotgun house design is really a simple and blatant. With a straight shape that vast from the front until the rear part of the house, the house offers you the simplicity that a small house can give. This type of the house really suits the people who desire to live freely and far from the urban area. Typically, a shotgun house has about 320 sq ft and it cost about $15.000, such an incredibly cheap price that will feel friendly to your budget. Even with its small size, this house still be able to accomodate lofted kid’s bedroom, the dryer, and the sleeping spaces.

Modular Shotgun House Plans

It is possible because of the maximization of the space that is available inside; even the loft is used for the kid’s bedroom. The open space floor design also give a big help in saving more space of the shotgun house plans. Generally, the most material that is used for this type of the house is wood, overall parts of the house started from the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. This is a perfect house for those who want to save more money in building s house.

Gallery of Shotgun House Plans

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