Simple Devices for More Storage Space in the Kitchen

There are not many things in life that inspire us. This applies to the pantry in the kitchen,  as well as for any other room.  No matter how spacious it is, it will bring you nothing if the workspace inside is not adjusted according to your needs.

By implementing some inexpensive ideas, you can put some order back in to the room. The retro solutions in the image here may work for you.

Plan and implement your shelf project with the highest precision

You can find out that the best ideas are usually very simple. To come straight to this, it takes a lot of creative power.

Rarely do you have all the shelves installed. It often has facilities that are well thought out,  so you can set a shelving system that you can install on the wall together and then you can use the manufacturers layout.

Insert a partition

Do you know that? Ask during a demonstration for  someone to do take out the an item and ends with an accident. After opening of the cabinet, everything falls down.

When you insert a partition, you will avoid such accidents.

Integrated shelves on the wall

On your shelves you can barely find something?  Then something should be done to create a little order.  In the picture here you can see salt, oil and other ingredients at the right places and easy to reach.

By having the shelving system on the door of the pantry, it makes the most of the vertical space there.

Linus rectangular storeroom shelf

You have no right wall on which you can install as a system? Then there are other solutions: you can choose small vessels, which can easily be pushed somewhere.

Make sure they do not slip or roll away, lock the wheels.

Add pull-out drawers

You can add some shelves for fresh in-house production here. I think the solution shown here, is much better than the baskets that hang from the ceiling and bang into someones head.

You can create a separation system, which adapts old cabinets to the new needs in the drawers themselves.

Look for flat solutions

When it comes to add smaller vessels such as those for salt, pepper and others, then you probably do not need so much space.

Do you want to have a free surface in a high spacious closet, then you might create an on the door system, like this in the picture below. Because the wide faces to ensure that small objects are lost. If you make the whole thing more closely, you’ll have everything vivid and easily find them.

Oddly shaped objects

You should not overlook any details, under any circumstances. Especially with the planning, which starts from the drawing, one tends to support this. What can be a better place for the storage of paper film so they are no longer around in the drawer and take up valuable space?

Are you going to plan the purchase of new cabinets? Then you should incorporate facilities such as this one. Note that the bottom shelf was slightly pushed back, so that both components get along well.

Which of these solutions would fit in your pantry?

Gallery of Simple Devices for More Storage Space in the Kitchen

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